Pawise Flash Ball Cat Toy

R 42.00

Pawise Flash Ball is one of the favourite toys for your Cat because it provides him with a lot of physical activity, games and fun. When the balls move and roll on the ground, get the attention of your Cat, who will run to catch the ball, it will be a challenge for him and will help him release energy to avoid stress.

Pawise Flash Ball is an interactive toy, it has a light that excites your cat when moving it, the light is activated and flashes. Exercise is essential for the health of your cat, the balls are a great gift to encourage him to play and run, avoiding obesity and helping his heart to be healthy. Toys are part of the health of all cats.


– Interactive toy designed with textures.
– Resistant and durable.
– Safe and fun game.
– Made of non-toxic materials.
– They stimulate the hunting instinct of your Kitten.
– You can spend hours of fun with your Cat.

Available in random colours

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Pawise Flash Ball Cat Toy

R 42.00