Loose Ring Elliptical Bevel

The elliptical mouthpiece is one of the most popularly used bits across the disciplines. It evolved from the French snaffle and as a result has a very similar action.

The elliptical link is kinder as it has no sharp sides and the join creates less of an angle with the rest of the mouthpiece. Most horses readily accept this bit and are more comfortable in their mouths. There is no nutcracker action due to the central link, creating a continuous feel from one side to the other.

Although not severe, this bit gives the rider more control than a regular loose ring snaffle and utilises a mild gag action to promote the horse’s outline, head carriage and responsiveness.

The cheek piece is attached to the upper bevel of the bit ring while the rein can either be attached to the bit ring as one would for a normal snaffle bit, or it can be attached to the bottom bevel, thereby increasing poll pressure and creating a greater turning effect around corners.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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