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Train ‘n Leisure is an excellent all round feed for recreational horses, but is also designed to meet the increased energy needs of active performance horses. For horses in light work, less feed will generally be required, whereas for horses in hard work the quantity required will increase towards the higher side of the recommended amounts.

Train ‘n Leisure contains healthy and effective “long fibres”, hence the larger than usual cubes, which ensures excellent gut health. The use of full fat soya boosts the amino acid profile and helps to develop and maintain a shiny and healthy coat.

Train ‘n Leisure is high in anti-oxidants which assist in removing free radicals; it has high levels of all the B vitamins for their essential functions; and it contains all the required minerals and electrolytes to support horses in training. Equus Train n Leisure contains 1g/kg of a live yeast culture for superior digestive health.

No least cost formulation is used in the composition of Train ‘n Leisure and only high quality ingredients are selected. These are carefully blended to ensure that all demands are met with specific emphasis on an even and gradual release of energy which ensures that workloads can be sustained for longer.

Equus does not use large quantities of bran and molasses, often the main ingredients of most standard horse cube products. These standard products often alone cannot satisfy the nutritional demands of the working horse. Owners often end up adding “extras” to try and achieve additional condition, coat shine or increased energy for example. No such extras are necessary when using Train ‘n Leisure which contains enough fats and oils to achieve the desired results, as well as a full range of vitamins and minerals.

Suitable for: Horses in light-medium work, who generally maintain their condition well. Ideal for the larger stable yard.

Style: Pellet

Size: 40kg


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