EquiSupreme Haemobooster Gel – 2pack

R 317.00

A complex supplement to help promote racing performance, endurance, recovery and health

Directions for use:

  • Use half a syringe (30ml) 24 hours before race and half a syringe (30ml) on race day, 4 – 5 hours before race for energy producing potential.
  • Following race, give half a syringe (30ml) daily for two days to replace essential substances lost through the stresses of racing.
  • In multiple competition days give half a syringe (30ml) at the end of each day’s event.
  • As a health tonic give half a syringe (30ml) every second day.
  • Apply dose over the back of the tongue or mix into the feed.
  • Ensure that fresh water is available.

x2 – 60ml Syringe pack

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