Pond Medic Algae Clear – 500ml

R 202.00

ALGAE CLEAR controls most types of algae in fishponds and prevents them from reappearing. This medication contains no copper or heavy metals and will not affect pond plants or fish when used as directed. Extremely green ponds may experience oxygen depletion after treatment. This is due to dying and decaying algae, so ensure that the pond is well aerated during and after treatment. Algae growth is promoted by high nitrate levels, phosphate from food, fish waste and strong/direct sunlight. Do regular water changes (every 4-6 weeks 20% – 30%) and treat tap water with POND MEDIC ANTI-CHLORINE water conditioner for best results. Use POND MEDIC BIO SPARKLE to separate dead algae from the water.
COMPOSITION: Dimetielaminotriasien, Trichloromethane and Carbinol Suspension Colloids.


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