LickiMat® Wobble™

Is your dog lonely, frustrated, anxious, or stressed? Is it a hassle to take him to a grooming session or the vet? Is he a greedy eater with digestion problems or does he get hungry all the time? Well, the LickiMat® Wobble, a bowl-shaped rubber dish with a dimpled surface inside, is a brilliant vet-designed slow feeder that might take care of that and more.

When you smear your dog’s favourite treats, yoghurt, raw food or doggy peanut butter on the inside, it will intrigue him to lick repeatedly, which will release an increased amount of saliva that will better his oral health and pilot a fresher breath. The LickiMat® Wobble is especially suited for feeds, treats and liquids. It can even be turned inside out so that the treats can be smeared on the outside of the dome, adding fun and exploration to delivering treats.

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