LickiMat® Playdate Tuff

Do you have a puppy that is an active chewer, or is your dog lonely, frustrated, anxious or stressed? Is it a hassle to take him to a grooming session or the vet? Is he a greedy eater with digestion problems, or does he get hungry all the time? Well, the LickiMat® Playdate Tuff is a brilliant vet-designed slow feeder mat that is most durable and promises to distract and entertain.

Smearing your dog’s favourite treats, yoghurt, raw food, or doggy peanut butter on the mat will intrigue him to lick the mat repeatedly. This action will release an increased amount of saliva to better his oral health and pilot a fresher breath. Licking also activates the release of endorphins that will relax your dog. The LickiMat® Classic Playdate (Squares) is especially suited for small kibble, raw meat or fish.

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