High Jump Relief Bridle

This new eye catching and stunningly soft bridle from MM Apparel is a must for those sensitive horses who need more than just the normal relief bridle. Matching webbed reins included.

The unique noseband has bows that lie over the bridge of the nose. To ensure a perfect fit, they are flexible and bendable. High jump does not put any pressure on the teeth or the orbital nerves.

The lower strap stabilizes the noseband but will not keep the jaw together. This makes the high jump a perfect choice for the sensitive horse. Horses less steady on the bit enjoy the non-pressure advantages of this bridle.

Features a wide headpiece to soften pressure of the poll with ear cut outs to relieve ear pressure. Decorative stitching on the noseband, cheeks and browband give this seemingly plain bridle that little touch of elegance.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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